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Calling Healthcare Volunteers

It is our vision that everyone in Louisiana has an opportunity to live a healthier life.

We do that by acting as the conduit that engages stakeholders, in collaboration with nursing, to achieve a culture of health and health equity in Louisiana.

What is the role of a LAC volunteer?

  • Engaging in new & existing projects in their own communities or throughout the state.

  • Contributing time, expertise and their passion to their community and organizational projects with the ultimate goal to impact health

  • Collaborate with others in their district

  • Help remove existing barriers that impede healthy living

Why Participate in this Initiative?

  • Boost your career with community outreach involvement 

  • Build a sense of pride in contributing your talents to your community

  • Foster leadership development

  • Open doors to other opportunities

Volunteer with Us
Which topics are you interested in?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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