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Nurse Leader Mentorship

LAC Nurse Leader Mentorship Program basics:

  • The LAC Nurse Leader Mentorship Program is an online, nine-month structured mentorship program. Mentees are specifically matched with mentors who most closely fit their needs. Each Mentee will create a professional development plan with input from their mentor and work on a project to advance one of those goals. Each participant will receive training to engage in an effective mentoring relationship, two monthly webinars, a Resource Center with guidance, workbooks and other tools, and a Mentoring Champion Team for support.

  • The program is free for nurses who have completed the Nurse Leader Institute. Cost for nurses who did not attend the Nurse Leader Institute is $100.


Who should participate as a Mentee?
  • Self-identified, high-performing nurses who are actively engaged in the practice of nursing across the health care delivery system and in academia who aspire to become nurse leaders and are ready, willing and able to engage in a robust, structured program. Should have at least two years of experience in nursing practice.

  • All Mentee activities are managed through an easy-to-use, web-based tool. The tool includes online templates for professional development plans and project plans as well as other tools to simplify the program activities.


Program expectations of Mentees:
  • Attend Orientation (Web-based).

  • Create a Self-Assessment.

  • Complete a Professional Development Plan (PDP).

  • Work through Mentoring Workbook.

  • Set Goals using New Competencies.

  • Connect regularly with Mentor.

  • Choose a goal from PDP and develop project to further that goal.

  • Provide feedback to Program Champions.

  • Participate in Mid-Point Webex presentation/discussion (3-5 minutes)

  • Participate in Final Presentation Webex during which Mentees discuss PDF goal plans and overall program high points (3-5 minutes).


Commitment of Mentees:
  • Mentees should anticipate dedicating 30-60 minutes per week for success.

  • Those who participate are expected to complete the basic program requirements listed above.

How can someone participate in the Program as a Mentee?
  • Complete application at

  • Be sure to complete all of the fields in the profile section so that you can be matched with the mentor who best fits your needs



Who should be a Mentor?
  • High-performing nurse leaders in service or academia committed to the future of nurse leaders in response to IOM report Recommendation #7, "Prepare and enable nurses to lead change to advance health."


Benefits of being a Mentor:
  • Gain visibility as a leader in the community.

  • Develop transferable mentoring skills for any team/relationship.

  • Contribute to the future of nursing.

  • Make work a more rewarding experience.


Program expectations of Mentors:
  • Attend Web-based Orientation Session (session is recorded for those who may not be able to attend live).

  • Connect regularly with Mentee.

  • Guide Mentee in development of project to advance professional development plan goal.

  • Deliver a recommendations report to Mentee.

  • Provide feedback to Program Champions.

  • Assist Mentee with presentation preparation.

How can someone participate in the Program as a Mentor?
  • Complete application at

  • Be sure to complete all of the fields in the profile section so that you can be matched with a Mentee who best fits your profile.


Deadline for applications:

Applications for Mentors will be accepted on a continuing basis for future cohorts.


How can you participate?
  • Go to:

  • Click on “Apply to the Program”

  • Update ALL fields in order to be considered for the program and be accurately matched.


Cohort 1 Project Summaries (PDF)


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