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General Resources

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Summit Agenda

CEU Information Link

Please contact Lisa Deaton at for any questions on continuing education credit.

Program Book Download

Day 1 Resources

Doris Brown Welcome

Mrs. Browns LDH Presentation


Dr. Kenya Beard (Keynote)

Dr. Beard's Keynote Presentation


Lake, ET. (2017). Nursing Care Disparities in Neonatal Intensive Care Units. University of Pennsylvania


IOM Unequal Treatment -

Dr. Beards letter to editor -

The Future of Nursing 2020-2030: Global Applications to Advance Health Equity was recently published and provides innovative ways to operationalize the concept of health equity.

Torrie Harris, State Actions on Disparities

LDH State Action on Disparities Presentation

2022 Health Disparities Report here:


Nursing Policy Panel

Karen Wyble, House Concurrent Resolution #44

Jennifer Lemoine, House Concurrent Resolution #155

HR 155 Final Report


Ahnyel Burkes, Senate Resolution #129

If you have any questions about the Louisiana Action Coalition,

please contact Kelsi Guidry at

Day 2 Resources


Dialogue on Race for Nursing


Dialogue on Race Presentation

DEI Projects

BCBSLA Decreasing Maternal Health Disparities Presentation

GBR Food Bank: Food is Medicine Presentation

Nursing Infomatics Role in Health Equity Presentation

Successfully Integrating the Needs of the LGBTQIA+Population Into the Nursing Education Curriculum Presentation


The Newest Vital Sign

If you have any questions about the Louisiana Action Coalition,

please contact Kelsi Guidry at

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