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LAC Steering Committees


The Leadership Steering Committee is responsible for directing LAC’s work in the area of nurse leadership development. Current plans include development of a Circle of Leaders program and fielding of a nurse leadership survey to provide baseline data related to nurses serving on boards, nurses in leadership positions, nurse mentorship, nurse leadership competencies and other relevant subjects.


The Education Steering Committee is responsible for directing LAC’s work in the area of nurse education. The committee’s work is focused on working with the state’s providers of nursing education to help provide seamless progression from one level of the profession to the next, identifying barriers to continuing education and developing strategies to help remove them, and working to recruit nurse faculty.


The primary goal of the Practice Steering Committee is work to remove barriers that prevent nurses from practicing to the full extent of their education and training by working with nursing and consumer organizations as well as other healthcare professionals.


Interprofessional Partnerships

The Interprofessional Partnerships Steering Committee is working with other groups to ensure that, as health care delivery evolves, nurses are included as essential members of the health care team. Current work of the committee includes planning a statewide health care summit for January 2014 during which nurses, physician assistants and physicians will discuss successful health care delivery models.



The Diversity Steering Committee works to ensure diversity is embedded in all areas of LAC’s work. Working from a strategic diversity plan written in mid-2014, the committee is currently developing a plan to convene a statewide diversity think tank summit to discuss recruitment of minorities into the nursing profession.


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