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Launch of the "Dialogue on Race Nursing" Series in Baton Rouge

The Louisiana Action Coalition (LAC) is proud to announce the launch of an innovative new series, "Dialogue on Race Nursing," beginning May 14th, 2024, in the Baton Rouge district. This pivotal series emerges from the LAC’s ongoing efforts to foster health equity, enhanced by a specialized curriculum developed under the 2022 Health Equity Innovations Fund grant.

About the Series

"Dialogue on Race Nursing" adapts the proven methodology of the "Dialogue on Race Louisiana, Original Series" into a context specifically tailored for healthcare professionals. This series consists of seven thought-provoking sessions held on consecutive Tuesdays, designed to challenge misconceptions and deepen understanding about race and racism in healthcare settings.

Event Details

  • Dates: Starting May 14, 2024; subsequent sessions on 5/21, 5/28, 6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 6/25

  • Time: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM CDT

  • Format: Combination of In-Person and Virtual Sessions

  • Region: Baton Rouge, LA

  • Registration Fee: $60 per participant

Participation and Registration

The series will kick off with a mandatory in-person session, ensuring a foundational understanding for all participants. Attendees are encouraged to commit to at least five out of the seven sessions to gain the full benefit of the curriculum. Due to the interactive nature of the discussions, the series will accommodate only the first 15 registrants to preserve the quality of dialogue.

Why Join?

Participants will engage in sessions facilitated by trained professionals, designed to unveil the flawed narratives surrounding race while fostering a safe environment for open and meaningful conversations. This series is particularly valuable for nurses, doctors, and healthcare leaders aiming to enhance their empathetic skills and understanding in multicultural contexts.


Secure your spot today by visiting the registration page on Eventbrite: Dialogue on Race Nursing - Original Series Registration. Early registration is encouraged due to limited availability. We encourage participants to consider registering with a friend or co-worker to enrich the experience.

Additional Information

For those interested in joining or learning more about the "Dialogue on Race Nursing" series, please visit the Louisiana Action Coalition’s Dialogue on Race Nursing web page at or contact us via email at

Together, we are taking bold steps towards creating a more equitable and compassionate healthcare system in Louisiana. Join us in this transformative journey to advance our understanding and impact on health equity.


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