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This one’s just for you

We know you are growing tired of the hero talk, the discounts, and the applause. We know you want to shout every time you see someone out in public who isn’t wearing a mask. We know it feels like people aren’t listening or providing you with what you want the most. Respect. Respect for your expertise, the care you provide, and your own wellbeing.

So, this is one of a thousand ways we are trying to make your voice heard.

Through a collaboration with country music stars Brown & Gray and the Thank A Nurse Wear A Mask movement from NursesEverywhere, the Louisiana Action Coalition is supporting the music video for the single, You Didn’t Have To. It is our hope that through this song and its powerful music video our voice will be heard. This one goes out to you. Thank you for your courage, commitment, and the expertise you share with all of us.

Please share this video with your family and friends (maybe even a few strangers too) to help amplify our voices.

Happy Holidays from the Louisiana Action Coalition

“You Didn’t Have To” is also available everywhere you get your music. Click here to find it on your player of choice.


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