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New report released

The Louisiana Center for Nursing recently completed a study, funded by the Louisiana Action Coalition State Implementation Program Grant, on the supply of APRNs in Louisiana according to their roles. This report describes the demographics, educational preparation, clinical specialties, practice settings, and geographic regions where APRNs practice, as well as informs stakeholders about the gaps that exist between the population served and the demographics of the APRN population according to role in terms of racial/ethnic and gender representation at both the regional and state level.

According to the report, in 2014, there were 4,204 licensed APRNs working and residing in Louisiana and 446 that held an active APRN license to practice in Louisiana but did not reside in Louisiana. Sixty-six percent of the APRNs that reside and practice in Louisiana are NPs and thirty percent are CRNAs. Additionally, the vast majority of all types of APRNs reported that they provide direct patient care.

There is a growing concern around the country and in Louisiana about the growing demand for healthcare services. “An understanding of the supply of APRNs according to their role is essential when addressing the specific healthcare needs of the citizens of Louisiana. Each type of APRN plays a vital, yet specific role, in the provision of healthcare” according to Dr. Cynthia Bienemy, Director of the Louisiana Center for Nursing at the Louisiana State Board of Nursing.

The report in its entirety, along with the 2014 APRN in Louisiana infographic can be accessed at the following link

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