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LAC completes third offering of Nurse Leader Institute

The Louisiana Action Coalition (LAC) held its third Nurse Leader Institute (NLI) January 9-13, 2017, in Baton Rouge. A group of 21 registered nurses from across Louisiana attended the five-day intensive leadership training led by a faculty of seasoned nurse leaders.

“We are proud to offer this leadership education to our nursing community,” said Barbara Morvant, MN, RN, project director for the Nurse Leader Institute and Louisiana Action Coalition Core Leadership Team member. “Developing nurse leaders is a key goal for our organization, and the Nurse Leader Institute aims to further that goal.”

The NLI was created by the LAC Core Leadership Team and Leadership Steering Committee to provide nurse managers and emerging nurse leaders with the tools they need to be successful. Based on priorities identified in a nurse leadership needs assessment survey fielded in 2015 to all RNs in Louisiana, LAC saw leadership training as a need and responded. The 33.2 CE curriculum includes segments on budgeting, communication, recruitment and retention, staff performance, quality improvement and personal leadership skills.

“Attending the Nurse Leader Institute was an exceptional career experience for me,” said Neal Manuel, RN. “Being afforded the gift of great insight from proven nurse leaders as well as the ability share and learn from peers made the week an honor to attend. This training makes a nurse leader want to excel and be the best that he or she can be!”

Nicholas Bryant, RN, said, ”This event was very informative and engaging. The presenters are highly qualified and committed in the state’s quality improvement. If you are a health care leader in Louisiana, you simply cannot afford to miss this event.”

Those who complete LAC’s Nurse Leader Institute are eligible to participate in a nine-month mentorship program during which each is be matched with an experienced nurse leader in his or her area of practice/interest. Those nurse leaders successfully completing both the Nurse Leader Institute and the mentorship program will be recognized by the Louisiana Nurses Foundation, Inc. as Nurse Leader Institute Fellows.

Going forward, LAC plans to offer the Nurse Leader Institute once a year in January.

Development of the Nurse Leader Institute was funded by donations from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, Gifted Healthcare LLC and the Great 100 Nurses Foundation.

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